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Our team is composed of experienced individuals. We want our team succeed as the company grows.

Our team

Armstrong General Contracting (AGC)

is a small construction company founded by Loriana and Nicholas Armstrong in 2014. AGC was founded on the core values; teamwork, commitment, diversity, caring, and innovation which helped AGC reach incredible milestones. For example, within the first six months of business Armstrong General Contracting surpassed its goal in revenue from small residential projects. The scopes of work included something as simple as changing a window to kitchen remodeling. Loriana’s insistence on quality craftsmanship and hard work also contributed to the rapid growth of Armstrong General Contracting. AGC have gain many recognitions including Loriana Armstrong's 40 under 40 award in early 2017.

We are currently transitioning from a small to medium size Construction Company. However, we plan to grow and core service area will be in mix use commercial spaces and multifamily hosing projects.

Who we are